“They are the consummate professionals in all that they do. Their product, underwriting, marketing and overall industry knowledge and skills are extremely good. From the viewpoint of a life insurance carrier, they are a pleasure to work with from their President and managing partners through their brokerage managers and all new business staff.” – Peter Mordin
“It has been my pleasure to work with BGA Insurance for more than 3 years as their Regional Vice President and Internal Wholesaler. In that entire time they have continued to show me and John Hancock why they are my number one General Agency, not just in Southern California, but one of the best nationally.” – Oliver O’Brien
“As a carrier we’ve had a long, rewarding partnership with BGA Insurance. Many of the individual relationships go back decades. As their local carrier representative, I personally have the privilege of working with all of the members of BGA Insurance on a day to day basis. We interact regularly on underwriting, new business as well as sales and marketing tools, resources and ideas. I can personally attest to their integrity, professionalism and passion for helping their clients.” – Sherry L. Flint
“It has been my pleasure to work with BGA Insurance for more than 4 years as their Prudential Regional Vice President. In the time that I have worked with them, and for years before I took over the account, they have continued to be high performers in sales. They continue to achieve awards like our Glass Elephants for large cases and have successfully held a number one spot as the highest performing independent general agency in California, and beyond, for many years.” – Shaneon T. Hohenstein
"I have worked with BGA Insurance in many different capacities throughout out my career in the insurance industry which spans close to two decades. In addition, I have known Barry Zimmerman on a personal level for that same amount of time and it has been my pleasure and honor in calling Barry a friend and a customer" – Joseph Heinrich
“BGA is one of the premier Brokerage General Agencies in the country. They have the carrier knowledge and product expertise that guarantees your clients will receive the best possible solutions, no matter what the need entails. You will have the confidence that only comes when you work with the BEST!” – Mutual of Omaha
"When it comes to Brokerage General Agencies, BGA Insurance definitely sets the gold standard. The New Business team at BGA provides unparalleled customer service and works tirelessly to process your cases in a timely manner. The Marketing team and Leadership at BGA can provide cutting edge technical expertise to take your business to the next level. More importantly, BGA Insurance cares about their agents." – Symetra Financial